The HCC Research Center will establish a Vision.
Chemical catalyst
To provide various ranges of catalysts and technologies to customers over the entire chemical industry, our researchers in each field are striving for R&D of innovative products and leading of technology in the petrochemical, medicine synthesis, precision chemical and environmental field.

Chemical and environmental catalyst

The Heesung Catalyst is leading the development of a next-generation chemical and environmental catalyst technology through technical innovation in various catalyst fields such as the chemical and environmental fields of petro-chemistry, medicine synthesis and precision chemistry.
Detailed information view
R&D technology/method
Joint development and tolling

R&D step

R&D field

The R&D group is composed of a chemical process catalyst group and a environmental catalyst group, and is developing catalysts suitable for the requirements of customers by establishing various catalyst portfolios as follows.
Having the top-level catalyst technology in the world as a global leading chemical process catalyst maker, the Heesung Catalyst is conducting a custom catalyst joint-development project with the development know-how of catalyst experts to supply a catalyst solution suitable for the customer processes and needs for creation of high added values, and is providing an economical OEM mass-production service(tolling) for the customer-developed catalysts.

Joint Collaboration Project Category

Joint Development
New process development + New catalyst development/supply
Custom Design
Existing process improvement catalyst development/supply
Scale-up for Tolling
Customer-developed(Lab) catalyst scale-up production/supply
Toll Manufacturing
Customer-developed(mass production) catalyst OEM production/supply

Secret observance

The Heesung Catalyst and customer collaboration makes it a basic rule to protect the intellectual property(IP) of both sides based on thorough observance of secrets.

Technology held

The Heesung Catalyst is conducting all processes from development to mass production and supply of catalysts optimized for the chemical processes through realization of specialized chemical formulations based on the Material Science and Surface Chemistry.


The Heesung Catalyst shortens the development period from joint development to commercial production of catalysts based on 30 years of various catalyst development, scale-up and OEM mass-production tolling experiences.

Equipment infrastructure

The Heesung Catalyst provides an economical scale-up & OEM production tolling service based on its domestically top-level R&D infrastructure, catalyst mass-production facility, and various catalyst development and scale-up know-how.