The HCC Research Center will establish a Vision.
Environmental catalyst
The Heesung Catalyst is developing new technologies or catalysts to remove the air pollutant gas components generated from various generation sources. The Heesung Catalyst will become a Global NO.1 Environmental Catalyst Technology Provider that introduces a high-reliability optimal catalyst technology to customers based on its continuous R&D and accumulated experience and know-how in the future.

- Internal-combustion engine catalyst

In the medium and large diesel engines, DOC and DPF, an exhaust gas purification catalyst applied to car engines, are not being commercialized besides SCR catalysts. There is difficult in installing catalysts because there are many differences such as fuel quality, differential pressure and engine size, but the R&D center of Heesung Catalyst is continuously developing catalysts in preparation for future regulations.
Detailed information view
R&D technology/method
Project name Application division
Internal-combustion engine catalyst
Marine/power generation engine catalyst and catalyst system development Marine/power generation diesel engine
Large diesel engine DPF development Power generation engine (Including emergency power generation engines)
High-sulfur fuel oxidation catalyst development Marine/power generation engine (NH3 removal, CO/HC removal)
LNG engine oxidation catalyst development Marine/power generation engine (CH4 removal)
Fixed source SCR catalyst
High-temperature(>500℃) SCR catalyst development High-temperature(>500℃) exhaust gas treatment facility
Poisoning-resistant SCR catalyst development S/P/Zn/alkali metal poisoning component discharge facility
Low-temperature(~200℃) SCR catalyst development Low-temperature(~200℃) exhaust gas treatment facility
VOC removal oxidation catalyst
Normal-temperature CO oxidation catalyst development Facility where temperature cannot be raised (e.g. tunnel/subway station)
Low-temperature VOC removal catalyst development Facility wanting a lower temperature than the existing facility
Poisoning-resistant oxidation catalyst development Facility difficult to apply a precious metal oxidation catalyst
* We can discuss the conditions difficult to handle with the existing technology at anytime, so contact us.