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Automobile image source : Hyundai Motors homepage(http://www.hyundai.com)

Gasoline engine catalyst

The gasoline engine catalyst technology plays a role of purifying the exhaust gases(HC, CO, NOx, PM) harmful to human and environment, generated from engine combustion in various cars using fuels such as gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas(LPG), natural gas(NG), etc., into harmless components(H2O, CO2, N2). The gasoline engine catalyst technology of Heesung Catalyst is endlessly researched, developed and commercialized based on excellent talents and accumulated experiences as a technology optimized for the kind, use position, purification object, purification method and engine operation condition of developed cars. In addition, Heesung Catalyst contributes to development of cutting-edge eco-friendly automobiles by developing and providing a technology needed by customers from the initial development stage through close communications with customers. The gasoline engine catalyst technologies of Heesung Catalyst include Three Way Catalyst(TWC) having been used traditionally, Gasoline Particulate Filter(GPF) to remove particulate substances, TWC Nox Trap, Lean NOx Trap(TWC-NT/LNT) which is a mileage improvement technology, Hydrocarbon Trap(HCT) to remove fuel hydrocarbon(HC) generated during a cold start, and Ultra Low PGM Catalyst.