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SCR catalyst  |  Marine/land engine catalyst
Having a SCR catalyst technology to cope with the IMO Tier-III NOx emission regulation, the Heesung Catalyst has product groups by temperature region for marine large diesel engines. In addition, the Heesung Catalyst supplies various catalysts using a SCR catalyst technology according to the product lineups and operation regions that can cope with various fuels from MGO to HFO and can be applied to medium-size engines as well.

2stroke LP-SCR

Located after the TC, the LP-SCR has an advantage of being easy to install according to this, but has a disadvantage that the catalyst performance drops according to the low temperature operation and that the performance drops as time passes due to SO2 and NH3. The Heesung Catalyst supplies a commercialized 2Stroke LP-SCR catalyst by introducing a low temperature performance enhancement/reproduction system and a urea decomposition system to solve this.
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