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Plating material
For plating materials, the Heesung Catalyst receives raw materials safely from the independently certified enterprises in connection with conflict minerals, and uses over 99.99% high-purity Au during production of products. In addition, the Heesung Catalyst provides a prompt customer confrontation service through thorough production and quality control, safe inventory maintenance, much cutting-edge analysis equipment possession, etc.

Potassium Gold Cyanide(PGC)

PGC of Heesung Catalyst is a high-quality precision gold plating material used in the entire industries from precision electronics such as semiconductors, PCB, connectors, etc. to general goods such as accessories, Western tableware, glass frames, etc., and is a gold compound used most widely in electric Au plating at present.
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Product technology information
Specification of PGC made by our company
  Inspection item Specification
Property Appearance White crystal powder
Property after dissolution Color Colorless
Transparency Transparent
Suspended solid None
Chemical component Gold(Au) 68.0% or more
Water content(%) 0.25% or less
PGC purity 99.46% or more
Impurity Silver(Ag) 50ppm or less
Copper(Cu) 20ppm or less
Iron(Fe) 10ppm or less
Lead(Pb) 10ppm or less
Nickel(Ni) 30ppm or less
Cobalt(Co) 30ppm or less
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