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Embracing people, embracing nature, embracing the world
I really welcome you for visiting our Heesung Catalysts Corporation.
The Heesung Catalysts Corporationis the best precious metal and catalyst expert company in Korea that was established in a combination of the U.S. Engelhard, a global leader in the precious metal and catalyst field, and the LG (then Lucky Gold Star), a biggest enterprise in Korea, in 1983. The Heesung Catalysts Corporation opened a new chapter in catalyst business by producing the automobile exhaust gas purification catalyst for the first time in Korea among the environment conservation projects that started to attract big concern in Korea ahead of the 1988 Seoul Olympics. With development in automobile industry realized together with technical improvement in general industry,the human beings came to live more convenient life, but the nature is being more destroyed due to automobile exhaust gases. The Heesung Catalysts Corporation is being acknowledged as the best catalyst company by customers by endlessly developing the automobile exhaust gas purification catalysts of high quality to revive the nature.

Under a corporate vision “The Best Environmental Solution Provider”, all our employees are moving forward step by step with passion and dream to make a society where we can live well, not a society where only I can live well. In the future as well, the Heesung Catalysts Corporation will lead the conservation of clean environments that will be returned to our descendants as the best catalyst expert company that newly creates customer values with the development and service of original and innovative products.


CEO Chang-Hak Choi